Best Budget Studio Headphones Under 100 article thumbnail.

5 Absolute Best Budget Studio Headphones Under 100

When producing your own music, whether in your home or in a professional recording studio, it’s important to have the ...
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Different Types of Ukuleles article thumbnail.

The Different Types of Ukuleles (The Ultimate Guide)

The ukulele is a beautiful wooden stringed instrument that produces a unique sound that’s pleasant to the ears. Luckily for ...
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5 Best Portable Isolation Booths That Actually Work

Nowadays, anyone has the opportunity to set up a home recording studio right inside their bedroom. It’s very convenient, allowing ...
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Improving Your Stage Presence article thumbnail

10 Tips That Will Significantly Improve Your Stage Presence

Have you ever watched a band or artist perform on stage and found yourself completely sucked into their performance? The ...
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The thumbnail for the "How to Write The Perfect Chorus for Your Next Big Song" article.

How to Write The Perfect Chorus for Your Next Big Song

The chorus, one of the most, if not, the most important key to the success of your song. It usually ...
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Best studio monitors under 200 article thumbnail

The 5 Actual Best Budget Studio Monitors Under 200 (2019)

Putting together a home recording studio doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There’s a lot of ...
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The 6 Absolute Best Condenser Mics Under 200 in 2019

Condenser microphones are the ideal choice for recording vocals in a studio. They have excellent precision when it comes to ...
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How to memorize a song thumbnail

10 Tips & Tricks to Memorize Song Lyrics that Actually Work

Memorizing the lyrics to a song can be a challenging obstacle that many singers find difficult to overcome. Whether you’re ...
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Best Electric Ukuleles article thumbnail

The 10 ABSOLUTE Best Electric Ukuleles in 2019

I love everything about the ukulele, being one of the most fun instruments to own and play. It’s such a ...
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How long should a song be article thumbnail.

How Long Should a Song Be? (5 Things to Consider)

If you’re a songwriter, you must understand that there a lot of factors to consider when writing a song. The ...
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