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Do Musicians Listen to Their Own Music? (5 Reasons Why)

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An interesting question to ask, do musicians listen to their own music? It’s definitely different for every musician as everyone has their own reasons to why they do listen to their own music or don’t. Many musicians and artists choose not to listen to their own music because they’re their own biggest critic. Instead of enjoying their songs, they’d constantly …

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Why Do Musicians Wear Earpieces? (In-Ear Monitoring)

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If you’ve gone to a live show before, there’s a chance you might have noticed that the performers have something in their ears, an earbud of some sort. So why do musicians wear these earpieces when they perform? Well, when it comes to performing live, it’s very important that the singers and other musicians on stage can hear their own …

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How to Overcome Stage Fright When Singing (10 Tips)

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Stage fright is a very common thing for many performers, especially singers. Performing is a very fun experience, however, it can also be really nervewracking for a lot of people. Everyone has some pre-performance anxiety. For some, it’s more than others, however, it’s possible to overcome it. Here are 10 important tips on how to overcome your stage fright when …

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The 5 Dangers of Teaching Yourself to Sing

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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to teach yourself to sing? Well, the answer is yes it is, especially in the technological world that we live in today. There’s a lot of free resources online that teach lessons and give advice on how to develop your singing voice. We also have easy access to tools such as recording …

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Is Learning Music Theory Still Worth It?

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A question that is often asked, especially amongst musicians who have developed their musical talents to a good level with little, or no music theory training. Is learning music theory actually worth it? It can be a controversial topic to discuss as opinions on this matter are mixed. Knowing that it’s more than possible to develop your musical skill with …