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5 Awesome Anime Gift Ideas

1. Anime LED Lamps

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These LED lamps are super-cool additions that any anime fan can add to their room. Each LED lamp has a 3D Effect, allowing you to see a 3D sculpture of your favorite Anime characters. All of this is made by a plane acrylic glass that’s engraved with a 2D laser.

With this specific model, there are 7 color changes you can cycle through. (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White) You can easily control all of these settings with the remote control that comes with the lamp.

You can find a lot of different designs based on a variety of different Anime:

2. Anime Style House Slippers

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These fun Anime House Slippers from Gumstyle are nice and cozy, great for keeping your feet warm during the colder times of the year. They all have non-slip soles, perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Best of all, the designs are printed in high definition, making the patterns and images nice, clear, and vibrant.

They’re super soft inside while the material feels strong and durable.

3. Anime Styled Extended Large Gaming Mouse Pad

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The perfect gift for Anime fans who do most of their gaming on PCs.

Probably one of the most unique extended large gaming mouse pads I’ve seen. The ratios of this mouse pad are 35.4in. x 17.5in. giving gamers more room for their mouse and keyboard while gaming.

The surface of these mouse pads is smooth while being supported by its non-slip rubber base. It’s good to know that these mousepads are water-proof too.

This specific design is very colorful and really stands out. I just love seeing all of these characters from different Anime all mashed together in one design.

There’s are also some other designs you can check out!




4. Anime Tapestries

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Here’s an awesome addition to your room. These Anime styled tapestries are super high-quality in terms of the material it’s made of and the print of the designs.

My favorite part is the variety of different designs that they offer. I mean, look at the example above. Having all these iconic Anime characters in one design is jaw-dropping.

The designs are printed with advanced printing technology while the stitching is done in a way that allows these tapestries to have superior durability.

They’re made of premium polyester fiber, making them soft to the touch and machine washable.

5. Shoes with Anime Artwork

Another cool gift idea for that weeb in your life, whether that’s your friend or yourself. Shoes with original Anime artwork on them. Here’s a couple of options that you can check out from different brands.

Uminder Shoes

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Uminder’s got a bunch of cool Naruto styled Canvas High Top Sneakers that are high quality when it comes to comfort and design.

These shoes have a soft latex insole that cushions your step, allowing you to walk for hours without tiring your feet. There are also medial eyelets that help with airflow, similar to Converse shoes.

You will find that the rubber outsole design of these shoes confidently keeps you safe while walking or running in wet/slippery conditions. Best of all, these shoes will last you a long time and can be worn in a wide range of situations. And as a big Naruto fan myself, I definitely have to say that the artwork on these shoes is impressive!

Telacos Shoes

Tokyo Ghoul Shoes

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My Hero Academia Shoes

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Telacos is another good brand that makes shoes with awesome anime designs like the ones shown above. The fabric and the rubber they use are high-quality while the graphics on the shoes are nicely done.

You can even check out their other designs that feature characters from different Anime.

A very fun gift for any fan of these shows!


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