My Lighting Equipment

Neewer Ring Light Dimmable LED 18″ 55W 5500K:

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Lighting has made a huge difference in my TikToks, improving the quality of my videos by so much. Being able to film at any time of the day has been a life changer as I used to rely on natural lighting from my window.

The Neewer ring light brightens up my entire room, but more importantly, does an incredible job at making my videos look nice. It comes with a light stand and a phone holder, making it the perfect lighting set-up for any TikToker. I also really enjoy the dimmable LED bulbs, giving me more lighting options to work with.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to grow on TikTok, as the difference in video quality with being very noticeable!

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light for Smartphones

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The ring light I bought at the beginning of my TikTok career, the Auxiwa Clip Selfie Ring Light fits perfectly onto your phone and does an excellent job at brightening up your videos.

This is a nice affordable option if the Neewer Ring Light is too pricey for your budget. I personally still use this ring light, especially if I am using it when recording “selfie styled” videos as well as videos I film on the go. Also, if I’m too lazy to put together my entire lighting set-up, I’ll usually grab my Auxiwa Ring Light Clip.

The Tripods I Use

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 

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I love this Joby GorillaPod and used it so many times early on in my TikTok career (o-100k followers). This GorillaPod was especially useful during the times I had little space to work with as I could set it up practically anywhere.

The flexible grip and wrappable legs make this tripod very versatile. I would attach this tripod to the side of my desk, loft bed, and any sturdy object.

Magnus VT-300 Tripod 

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I’ve had this tripod way before I started making TikTok videos and it is my go-to for many situations. The Magnus VT-300 tripod has a fluid head that allows for smooth panning and built-in tilt locks.

The legs are accompanied by rubber feet that provide grip on hard/slippery surfaces. One of my favorite features is its “internal bubble level” allowing me to make sure that my shots properly set. I always use this tripod whenever filming my “dance type” videos.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

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The Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod is what I mainly use whenever I do TikTok lives at my desk. It’s my smallest tripod, but I love using it because it doesn’t take a lot of space. This mini tripod is very stable, easy to travel with, and great to use when filming TikToks on-the-go.

Ailun Tripod Phone Mount Holder Head

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You’re going to need a phone mount holder head if you plan to film TikToks with a tripod. This is the one I have personally, and have found it reliable and gets the job done.


Keep in mind that I primarily use my iPhone 10 XS Max for my TikTok videos and TikTok Live streams.

Canon G7x Mark II

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I love my Canon G7x Mark II for its high-quality video capturing and small portable size. It also has a nice flip-up screen that makes it easy to keep track of what I am filming. I mainly use this camera for my music videos, vlogging, and some of my “singing” TikToks.

Definitely, a good investment, especially if you plan to expand your content creation to YouTube and other platforms.

The Main Microphone I Use

Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

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If you’ve seen some of my singing videos on TikTok, you will see me using this microphone. I primarily use the Blue Yeti mic for recording vocals as well as commentary for videos. It’s a USB microphone, so it’s easy to use with and computer USB ports.

Decorative Lighting

VEGASIGNS Music LED Strip Lights

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A fun addition to my room that allows me to change things up when recording my TikToks. These colorful LED strip lights do a great job at adding color to my videos and room. You might notice me holding the controller in some of my videos for a quick light/color change.

I love changing the color to fit the mood that I’m trying to achieve for my videos and TikToks.