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The 5 Best Travel Ukuleles to Take on your Adventures

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I almost never leave home without a ukulele as it’s the perfect instrument to travel with. When it comes to finding the best travel ukulele for your needs, I’m here to help with my favorite recommendations. Before we go straight into our list, let’s go over the important factors we considered for each ukulele we have in our list.

Portable Size

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Of course, size and portability will be one of our primary focuses as we look for the best travel ukulele. Travel ukes are best when they’re easy to move around with, not taking a lot of space. You should also consider your comfort with playing the instrument. People with bigger hands are gonna want to stay away from smaller ukuleles and vice versa.

Reasonable Price

While you can always shell out a lot of money for a higher-end instrument, we made sure to only include reasonably priced travel ukuleles in our list. Each ukulele we recommend covers a good range of different prices while also not trying to break the bank.

Overall Quality

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The most important thing we considered is the overall quality of the travel ukuleles on our list. We wanted to make sure that each instrument we recommend is great for ukulele players of any skill level. Since these are ukuleles you plan to travel with, quality is going to play a big role as you don’t want your instrument to break when constantly moving it around.

Enya Nova U Carbon Fiber Travel Ukulele

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Probably my favorite travel ukulele on the list, Enya’s Nova U Concert Ukulele is everything you will need and more. This unique ukulele is so much fun to play with and we love the sound that it produces.

Design (Carbon Fiber?)

Enya did something that made me hesitant at first, having this ukulele made entirely out of their new acoustic carbon fiber material. My initial thought is that this ukulele had no way of sounding better than their wood counterparts, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Since it’s made out of Carbon Fiber, the ukulele is super lightweight, weighing around 1.25lbs. Its thin body (2 inches) makes it even easier to travel with. I find myself bringing it out to play in any situation because of how convenient it is.

This instrument has a side soundhole design that allows for better self-resonance for the person playing, while still producing enough sound to fill a room.

The Nova U is very light and comfortable to play and its nice and smooth design is pleasant to look at.

It’s also a waterproof ukulele, as long as you don’t purchase the version with the plug-in.


The sound of this ukulele is much brighter when compared to wooden ukuleles. Like we mentioned earlier, the side soundhole design makes the playing experience much better as the sound is directed towards the player. At first, it took some time to get used to, but the sound Nova U produces is pleasant. One of the best-sounding ukuleles I’ve owned so far.

I personally have the Nova U travel ukulele with the built-in plug-in, something to keep in mind if you have some extra money. There’s a built-in amp within this version of the Nova U that allows you to play with an amplified sound. You can also use added effects with the built-in amp such as Reverb and Delay.


Enya’s Nova U Concert Travel Ukulele is a fun instrument to own. The portability of this instrument, its unique design, amazing sound, and everything else comes together into making an amazing experience for players of any skill level. After owning many ukuleles throughout my career, I have to say the Nova U is my current favorite and I haven’t put it down since getting it.

I love the look of this ukulele, resembling an electric guitar but smaller. The all-black design is nice and smooth, however, there are many colors to choose from.

The version with the electric plug-in and built-in amp is also well worth it. As a recording artist who primarily plays the ukulele, the Nova U has made it much easier for me during my studio sessions. I can plug it directly into my audio interface and get straight into recording.

Overall, an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to buy a good travel ukulele.

Deviser Concert Ukulele 

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Deviser does an excellent job at making a good travel ukulele with a cutaway thin body design. This entire travel ukulele bundle is also great for beginner players as it comes with everything you need straight out of the box. Now let’s go into more detail on why we recommend this travel uke to those in the market for one.


We love the design of this ukulele. Deviser did an excellent job at thinning down the size of their ukulele without sacrificing any quality of the sound overall experience playing the instrument. Details on the body of this ukulele are beautiful. The fret markers truly stand out making it easier for beginners to pinpoint where they are on the fretboard. Tuning pegs are arranged on this uke resembling electric guitars.

Because of its cutaway design, this ukulele is lightweight, easy to handle, and makes it much easier to reach higher frets. This allows even beginner players to play songs that require you to be higher on the fretboard. This uke also has an armrest design making for even more comfortable playing.

The only thing I didn’t really like personally was the trim of the ukulele, but this is just a minor thing to pick at when everything else is already great. To top this all off, it has a smooth glossy finish making this uke shine.


This travel ukulele does an excellent job at projecting a nice beautiful sound. While many ukuleles come with generic cheap strings, Deviser strung this travel ukulele with high-quality D’Addario strings. The overall sound is very nice, bright, and pleasant to the ear, however, some found it not as full as other ukuleles. Still, there are many people who enjoy playing it and find it fits their needs.

Good Value (Travel Bundle)

Deviser gives you a lot for this travel ukulele bundle. As we said, it comes with everything you need making this a great choice for beginner players and first-time buyers. It comes with a nice padded gig bag that will help keep it safe while traveling. A polishing cloth to keep your uke looking nice. It also comes with a ukulele strap for even easier playing and a tuner to keep your instrument tuned. A great value that’s definitely well worth it.


Overall, Deviser put together an amazing travel ukulele bundle that seems to be geared towards beginners and first-time buyers. We really love the design of this uke as it makes for easier playing and comfort. The gloss finish also makes this instrument shine, which will definitely attract some attention. Again, we do have to mention that the sound might not be the fullest in comparison to others on the list, however, we still believe that this travel ukulele bundle is worth checking out.

ammoon 23 in/inch Uke Acoustic Concert Ukulele (Most Unique)

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If you’re looking for a travel ukulele with a fun unique design, look no further because Ammoon’s compact-sized mahogany uke is an excellent choice for you. Definitely, a very different travel ukulele when compared to the other options on our list of recommendations.


Ammoon’s travel ukulele has a creative bottle-shaped design that’s compact in size, making it very portable and lightweight. An ideal instrument for travel use. This ukulele is made of high-quality mahogany solid wood with beautiful craftsmanship.

The fretboard has a musical scale carved into it marking all the notes while the backboard is carved with a chart containing 36 chords. (All the Majors, Minors, and more) An excellent addition that makes it easier for beginner players to learn quickly. Also, this ukulele is especially good for players with smaller hands.


This ukulele has a nice sound that’s soft to the ears. The tone is very lovely, however, keep in mind that the volume won’t be as loud as a “standard ukulele.” Other than that, we love the tone that this travel uke produces and the softer volume might be something you’re looking for if you’re still in the beginning stages of your ukulele career. (Some beginner players prefer softer instruments when they’re just starting out.)

Here’s a great video showcasing this ukulele created by Quincy Music on YouTube:


Overall, this travel ukulele from Ammoon is a fun addition to our list of recommendations. A great choice for new players and those with smaller hands looking for a uke to travel with.

We love seeing the notes and chords engraved onto the fretboard and backboard. They pull this design off well without making the engraves look too overwhelming.

It also comes with a nice travel bag to keep your ukulele safe. If you don’t have a problem with the lower volume and unique compact design, definitely consider buying this travel uke.

LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele 

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If you’re looking for a more premium travel ukulele, the LAVA U carbon fiber uke is a great option. Similar to the Nova U by Enya, the LAVA U is a travel ukulele that comes with effects, a wide range of colors, and has a non-traditional uke design. While this is priced higher in comparison to the other options on our list, let’s go into more detail on why you should still consider checking out the LAVA U.


First thing’s first, this ukulele’s design is very unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ukulele like this before. It’s made out of carbon fiber, allowing it to be adaptable to cold temperatures as low as -4°F, and hot temperatures as high as 140°F. This truly makes the LAVA U a one-of-a-kind travel ukulele that stands out from the crowd.

There are some people who found it difficult to hold the ukulele due to its rounded back design, however, for many the experience is enjoyable. The neck of the ukulele feels really nice while playing, making it comfortable for you hands during your sessions.


Just like the NOVA U with a built-in plug-in, you can play this ukulele with effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus without an amplifier. You can still play this uke acoustically if you choose to. The tone of this ukulele is very beautiful with a good level of volume. It’s not going to be as loud as a traditional wooden ukulele, however, the ability to withstand a wider variety of environments makes up for it.

Since it does have a built-in amplifier, if you want a louder sound, you can always turn it on while you play. You also don’t have to go through the hassle of changing batteries as the LAVA U has a rechargeable battery and charging cable.

Overall the sound of the LAVA U travel ukulele is clear and clean.


As the highest-priced travel ukulele on our list, we have to say that the LAVA U does an excellent job at providing a premium experience to ukulele players of all skill levels. The design is unique enough to catch even a seasoned ukulele player’s attention. Being able to switch on the built-in amp at any given time while play is also a fun luxury to have. If you’re trying to be quiet while playing you can always leave it off, but if you want to be loud and proud, switch that power on.

This is the definition of what a travel ukulele should be. Portable, capable of adapting to different environments, and fun to play. It also comes with a space-age designed case, specifically made for the LAVA U travel ukulele. If you have the extra money to buy this premium travel uke, we highly recommend it.

Kmise Travel Ukulele Zebra Ukulele

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The Zebra travel ukulele from Kmise is an excellent budget option for those who are trying to save money. Many are surprised by the overall quality and performance that this budget travel uke has to offer. Let’s go into more detail.


This 26-inch ukulele has a thin body and 18 frets to work with. It’s light in weight but has a durable build quality (solid mahogany) making it great for traveling. The satin finish protects the ukulele while also allowing the sound to resonate more. Players will also find that the fingerboard is smooth, making it easier to hold this uke and more comfortable to play.

Kmise equipped their Zebra ukulele with high-quality Aquila strings, known for their durability and long sustain.


For a budget option, it’s very surprising to hear such amazing sound quality from this ukulele. There are even some customers who talked about how the sound comes close to their higher-end ukuleles. It has an excellent tone and sustains well. We’re very impressed with what this affordable travel ukulele is capable of doing. The sound is full and the volume range is wide.


Overall, the Zebra travel ukulele from Kmise is an amazing choice for someone who wants to save money. Even though they’re saving money with this budget option, the amount of value you get from this surprisingly high-quality travel uke is incredible. Definitely consider buying this ukulele if you’re a beginner or first-time buyer who’s just getting started. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Final Thoughts

When traveling around the world or staying at home, every ukulele we recommend in our list will provide you with a wonderful playing experience. We tried our best to have something for a wider variety of people with different wants, needs, and budgets. Have fun playing and safe travels!

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